a woman works through her issues in a dialectical behavior therapy programFor any addiction treatment to be complete, addiction therapy programs must be a part of the plan. However, not all therapy is the same, and it is just as important to pick the right therapy modalities as it is to choose the right addiction treatment center. If you have tried therapy in the past for mental health or addiction but have not experienced the results you desired, you may want to consider a dialectical behavior therapy program (DBT).

At Olympic Behavioral Health, we provide a variety of addiction therapy programs, so you are sure to find the one that suits you best. Even if therapy has not benefited you in the past, our dialectical behavior therapy program in Boynton Beach, FL may be just what you need to overcome your struggles. Call us today at 844.983.3916 to find out if DBT may be suitable for you.

What Is Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), but it is more beneficial for certain people than the usual CBT. For people with anxiety and depression, CBT can work wonders for the management of their condition. However, CBT can potentially exacerbate other types of mental health conditions like eating disorders and personality disorders.

So, what is different about dialectical behavior therapy? DBT approaches mental health and addiction differently than other types of therapy:

  • It aims to minimize inflammatory emotional responses to stimuli and help you maintain better emotional balance.
  • It promotes acceptance and non-judgment of one’s current situation.
  • There is less emphasis on exploring one’s thoughts, but you will be encouraged to notice when you have distressing thoughts and find ways to redirect them.
  • It helps you identify triggers and come up with healthy ways to cope with those triggers.
  • It incorporates mindfulness techniques to help you deal with the circumstances in your life over which you have little to no control.

Dialectical behavior therapy may be the best form of treatment for those who feel stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts and behaviors.

How Can a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program Support Your Recovery?

Recovery can seem nearly impossible if you are not fully committed to the process. For many people who do not succeed with traditional addiction therapy programs, dialectical behavior therapy can provide some hope by addressing addiction and its correlating behaviors from another angle. A therapist may opt for DBT in the following cases:

  • Untreated mental health conditions – Some mental illnesses can make a person distrusting and unwilling to admit they are struggling with their mental health, such as schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder.
  • Denial of an addiction – It can be tough to admit when you are struggling with addiction due to the fear of stigma. However, it can be more challenging to successfully treat a client unwilling to admit they have a problem. DBT can go about the therapy process differently to work better for people in this situation.
  • Powerful emotional reactions – If a person angers easily, gets overly defensive, or shows a strong resistance to change, DBT may be more effective.
  • The client is not responding to talk therapy – Some people find it challenging to think about or talk about painful emotions, so DBT can be a better choice.
  • High risk for self-harm or suicide – A client suffering from tendencies to self-harm may be unable to use traditional CBT techniques that require logic and reasoning to reframe their unhealthy thoughts.

DBT can help you achieve lasting recovery despite previous attempts to kick your addiction. If prior relapses have you feeling defeated and unmotivated, DBT can provide you with another chance to reclaim the health and happiness you deserve.

Olympic Behavioral Health: Enjoy a Healthy Recovery With DBT in Boynton Beach, FL

At Olympic Behavioral Health, we put your recovery needs first. Even the most challenging cases of addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders can be helped with our dialectical behavior therapy program in Boynton Beach, FL. Give us a call at 844.983.3916 to determine if DBT may be the missing piece of the puzzle for your lasting recovery.