a man works through issues in a cognitive behavioral therapy programIf you have ever tried to quit drug or alcohol addiction on your own, you understand how difficult it can be without professional help. Quality addiction treatment must include a personalized plan consisting of medications, psychotherapy, and behavioral therapy. Substance use disorder affects the mind and body. Psychological factors often initiate it, so it makes sense that one would need to include addiction therapy programs, such as a cognitive-behavioral therapy program, as part of a healthy recovery.

At Olympic Behavioral Health, we understand the value of addiction therapy programs for a well-rounded recovery experience. Our cognitive-behavioral therapy program in Boynton Beach, FL, is just one of our wide range of therapies offered to enhance your treatment. Call us today at 844.983.3916 to learn more about how therapy can help you heal from addiction.

What Is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most frequently used therapies for addiction and mental health treatment. Many therapists and counselors opt for CBT since it is so versatile, having been proven to help various human conditions. The core of CBT is exploring how thoughts and feelings affect one’s actions. Some of the exercises you may find in a cognitive-behavioral therapy session may include:

  • Identifying and challenging false beliefs – This may involve thinking you are not worthy, not good enough, not smart enough, or not attractive enough to live the life you desire. False beliefs can leave you feeling helpless and stuck in your current situation. Substance use is one method people use to deal with the discomfort caused by false beliefs. Your therapist will help you pin down and challenge the validity of these harmful, inaccurate beliefs.
  • Exploring motivation – Your therapist may lead you through exercises to help you determine what type of motivation works best for you. Some people require tough love to change their behavior, while others may respond better to a gentler approach.
  • Choosing positive thoughts and behaviors – As you work on shedding false beliefs, you will need to replace those beliefs with positive, healthy beliefs. It may take a lot of repetition, but those positive thoughts will come more naturally over time. You can also work with your therapist to come up with healthy behaviors to replace drug and alcohol use. Developing a plan of action prepares you to respond to stressful situations and emotions in healthy ways that do not include substance use.

These are just a few activities you may participate in during CBT, although there are plenty of others your therapist may introduce based on your needs.

How Can a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Program Help Your Recovery?

One of the most prominent issues people in recovery encounter is triggers. These are thoughts, feelings, people, and situations that elicit a response that makes you want to use drugs or alcohol. A cognitive-behavioral therapy program can play a valuable role in your recovery by plying you with the skills you need to manage triggers. CBT sessions will teach you how to reduce the risk of relapse by:

  • Identifying the people, places, thoughts, or things that trigger you to want to use drugs or alcohol
  • Finding ways to eliminate, avoid, or minimize exposure to triggers
  • Developing healthy coping skills to strengthen your resilience and help you respond to triggers more productively

CBT helps increase your awareness of how your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings impact your desire for substance use. This awareness can empower you to make healthier choices and implement your new coping skills to mitigate triggers.

Olympic Behavioral Health: Supporting Your Recovery With CBT in Boynton Beach, FL

At Olympic Behavioral Health, we provide clients with comprehensive treatment through a combination of medication, support, and therapy. Our cognitive-behavioral therapy program in Boynton Beach, FL can help you discard old, unhelpful beliefs and realize your worth so you stay motivated and focused on achieving the clean, healthy lifestyle you desire. Give us a call today at 844.983.3916 to start shedding the layers of your addiction.